About crystals and minerals

Physical and chemical properties

Scientifically speaking, crystals and minerals differ in their properties in terms of electric and heat conductivity, formation of their crystal grid (or matrix in general), chemical constitution and optical properties.

Our modern day science recognizes the importance of the crystalline matrix when it comes to for example manufacturing communication and other devices and conducting electrical current in a specific way.

The Piezoelectric effect

1) Applying pressure on a quartz crystal (or for example Rochelle salt) results in polarization of the crystal and therefore electrical voltage supply; this phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect.

2) Other crystals such as galena or silicon are frequently used as semiconductor rectifiers, carrying the current in one direction and prohibiting its flow in the opposite.

3) Many crystals can be successfully utilized in microscopy and similar optical fields as light refractors. While many transparent crystals such as sodium chloride have an isotropic formation and refract the light in an even way as it passes through the uniformly formed crystalline matrix, anisotropic crystals such as tourmaline, calcite or quartz, having their structural properties distributed in an uneven way, refract the light unevenly based on the orientation of their crystalline lattice relative to the light source.

Chromatic dispersion

4) As white light passes through a specifically formed optically transparent crystal or prisma, it refracts at different angles and splits into the various wavelength frequencies contained within it, causing the colours of the rainbow to emerge. Chromatic dispersion is utilized in spectrophotometry and a variety of optical fields.

Protein crystals

5) Proteins can be made to form crystals under specific conditions, usually in a supersaturated solution they are being dissolved in. This way, the structure of protein molecules can be determined.

Opal – photonic effect

6) Photonic crystals, used in all 3 dimensions in any field there colour is manipulated (optical computers, thin-film optics, colour changing dyes and paints, etc.) have specific nanostructural properties enabling them to affect the motion of photons. An example from the nature might be opal with its unique colour properties.

Metaphysical properties

The use of crystals as a multiple-level healing tool is one of the most popular alternative therapies in the history of mankind, keeping its reputation even in today’s society dominated by the scientific approach to things around us. Not being strictly based on the principles of medicine, crystal healing is more spiritual and belief-based than a medical. Its application can be traced all the way back to ancient civilizations such as the one in Egypt and healing properties of crystals are abundantly used even nowadays in therapies like Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine.

It is important to understand that the esoteric approach crystals is based on a vibrational view of the universe, where everything, including thought, is a made up of waves with a specific frequency, interacting with each other and sharing the same space.

Crystals are believed to interact with the energy system of human (or animal) body (*read more here*) consisting of major energetic centres called chakras, connected together by a multitude of etheric energy channels, meridians and nadis, altogether forming an electromagnetic field around the body, an aura. Blockages withing the subtle bodies restraining the natural flow of energy and potentially resulting in a pathological state of the human nervous system are removed or eased by the energy of the crystal, fine-tuning the human energy system and contributing to overall well-being. Human energy is much more fluid and moving compared to the crystalline energy which is more solid. As a result, the human energy is much more likely to eventually mimique the energy of the crystal rather than vice-verse.

Thought is viewed as a wave with a specific frequency just as anything else, therefore, crystals can be programmed, their energy can be focused and directed and a person using a crystal as a healing tool can tune into its energy for the highest possible benefit.

Metaphysical properties of crystals are based on their colour, constitution, shape and formation, size and quality grade. Also, their age, location of the deposit and interaction with diverse civilizations in the past might be yet another aspects determining their functional properties. Crystals, one of the most effective energy amplifiers able to store and transmit energy, must be cleansed and charged regularly to prevent previous programming or negative energy being stored within them and making sure they hold a positive energy balance.

Many crystal healers and collectors claim that crystals are living organisms with their own consciousness and awareness – ancient beings of their own kind living in symbiosis with Earth.


Specific stones frequently used in our orgonites

Here follows an alphabetically ordered list of short descriptions of meanings and properties of each stone contained within the matrix of our orgonites. This section is being continuously expanded.

Agate – comes in many colour varieties further defining its properties, however, from a general point of view, agate always stands for inner stability, emotional balance, strength and centeredness. It balances a person’s yin and yang.

Amazonite – resonates within the heart and throat chakra, brings about emotional healing, helps in the search for personal truth and mission and gives courage to speak and live this truth.

Amethyst – a 3rd eye, crown and transpersonal chakra stone, member of the quartz family and bringer of the violet ray. It catalyses a profound connection to the divine, deepens the meditative state and helps ridding oneself of negative influences and addictions. It aids in development of psychic abilities and connect us to our intuition helping us to see everything from a higher perspective.

Ametrine – as a combination of amethyst and citrine, ametrine ties the properties of both of these stones together, connecting spirituality to the feeling of empowerment, meditative state to focus and visualization to manifestation.

Angelite – this lovely throat chakra stone facilities tuning into one’s own abilities, being able to live one’s truth and communicate with others empathetically and skilfully. It also aids communication with the angelic realm.

Apatite – comes in different color variations. Blue apatite, being a throat and a 3rd eye chakra stone, apatite facilities communication within a group or between individuals, it promotes an independent lifestyle and outlook on life and helps us access our mental and intellectual abilities. It promotes looking for and discovering the truth, helps us in the process of setting goals and following through with them.

Aquamarine – a very calming and soothing stone bringing about heartfelt communication. It helps us let go, be more allowing and not give into the traps of ego or of our subconscious shadows. Just as much as it reminds of a water level, it helps us mirror our truth and the essence of our higher self.

Aventurine – comes a variety of colors. Green aventurine facilities strong connection to the heart and to the energy of the nature, making it a great stone for protection oneself against geopathogenic zones. It is associated with good luck, winning mentality and future opportunities. It helps us release old patterns and be more receptive to our surroundings.

Bloodstone (heliotrope) – a jasper and chalcedony hybrid bringing about protection, increased stamina and physical endurance and immunity boost.

Calcite – comes in a wide range of colors. It greatly amplifies energy and cleanses old negative energy stored in the body.

Carnelian – is stimulating on multiple levels. It brings about heightened motivation and empowerment, helps us access our personal power and courage and feeling of confidence. It energizes the physical body and the reproductive system.

Charoite – encompasses the higher spiritual energies with the heart area, enabling us to access a state unconditional love, feeling of devotion and acceptance of higher guidance for the future. It is a great dream and imagination stone.

Chiastolite (cross stone, Andalusite) – transforms negative energy, is highly protective and helps in accessing the Akashic records.

Chrysocolla – aids communication on all levels and mirroring the content of the inner out into the external. It also helps us access intuition and boost intellect.

Citrine – carries the energy of the sun and facilitates self-confidence, personal power, manifestation, inner strength and creativity.

Clear quartz – amplifies energy of whatever stone it is combined with, matches well with every stone and resonates within all chakras. Brings greater mental clarity and connection to the divine.

Dumortierite – stimulates the pineal gland, promotes refined intellectual and mathematical skills, development of psychic abilities and a sense of calmness.

Fluorite – enhances intellect and concentration, amplifies energy and properties of other stones and draws negativity to itself, purifying its surroundings.

Emerald – is a stone of growth, youth, harmony, justice, empathy and love. It is strongly linked to the energy of the nature.

Garnet – brings about groundedness, connection to the Earth plane, strong feelings and sensations, intense energy and vitality. It is also a highly protective stone.

Girasol – aids visualization and accessing the dream state. It promotes creativity, artistic expression and communicating your truth to others.

Herkimer diamond – is the most potent and also hardest member of the quartz family. It greatly amplifies spiritual energy and also the energy of other stones. It helps one attune into another person or a setting.

Howlite – is an extremely calming stone, bringing about restful sleep, deep meditation and stress or anxiety relief. It also helps calming the mind and preventing intrusive thoughts entering it.

Iolite – is a stone of intense visualisation, imagination and intuition. It helps one access the inner, get out of the body and understand the meaning of dreams. It aids gaining lucidity while in the dream state and awakening of the pineal gland’s functions related to intuition and psychic abilities.

Jade – a name for 2 different types of minerals, jadeite and nephrite, facilitation a connection to the spirit realm and deepening the dream state.

Jasper – is a stone of grounding, stability and strength. It has a slow, stabile vibration resonating with the Earth and encouraging withdrawal for the sake of considering one’s current state of mind and place in life.

Jet – being a natural petrified resin just like amber, it aid channelling elemental energy and neutralize negativity.

Kyanite – comes in different color variations all of which have a very high vibration and don’t need cleansing as they neutralize any gathered negativity. They help us align, balance and open all chakras. Blue kyanite is a great communication tool, helping us channel and develop multiple psychic gifts. It has a very calming yet powerful vibration. Green kyanite aids connection to the heart centre.

Labradorite – is a stone of intuition, inner journeying, connecting to the truth of who we are and accessing hidden subconscious patterns. It is also a great protection stone, shielding us off negative influences from the external.

Lapis lazuli – enhances connection to spirit, inner vision and development of personal wisdom. It resonates with the truth and helps us boost our intellectual abilities.

Larvikite – resonates within the base, 3rd eye and crown chakras. It is both grounding and spiritual, helping us access our psychic abilities while staying protected. It helps us view a problem we are dealing with from the perspective held by out higher self, teaching us patience and helping us make sane decisions. It enhances learning.

Lemurian seed quartz – has typical ridges on its sides and it is believed to encode information left for us by the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Apart from that, Lemurian seed aids retrieving information from our subconscious and past lives.

Lepidolite – vibrates with love and serenity, connecting us to the divine and calming and soothing our soul. It is the most potent within the highest chakras.

Malachite – is a great healing stone, rejuvenating both the physical and the emotional body. It tunes our body for higher spiritual energies and encompasses the energies of nature.

Moldavite – is a high vibration stone (tektite) of transformation, having a very intense and piercing energy. It helps us overcome any obstacles found on our journey, move beyond any kind of past conditioning and embrace the light. Moreover, it connects to and heals the heart centre.
Moonstone – encompasses a very deep, allowing and nurturing feminine energy. It is a very passive, introverted and mystical stone promoting a mysterious energy of the Moon. It aids inner journeying, peeling layer after layer of the subconscious and helping us discover hidden patterns and the content of our soul.

Obsidian – is a powerful grounding and protective natural glass shielding off electromagnetic radiation and preventing psychic attack.

Opal – is a stone of innocence, joy, inspiration, inner journeying and accessing intuition.

Peridot (olivine) – is a stone of increased assertivity, self-esteem, happiness and mental clarity. It resonates within the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Pietersite – calms and helps process emotions. It resonates within sacral, solar plexus and 3rd eye chakras, aiding self-esteem, manifestation and intuition.

Prehnite – aids spiritual growth and connection to higher realms and the divine. It also promotes the energy of the heart, helping you to live your life from a heart-based perspective.

Que Sera (Liberite)– this not so well known stone resonates within all the chakras, especially the higher. It is protective, centring, enhances one’s communication skills and develops connection to the spirit through the crown chakra. Through its influence on the 3rd eye region, it helps you get answers to your questions relative to where you are in life, where you should be heading and what needs to be done in order for you to walk the path you want to follow.

Rhodochrosite – promotes deep love for oneself and other and profound healing on multiple levels, including the inner child.

Rhodonite – resonates with love, forgiveness and resolution to old traumas. It harmonizes its surroundings, aiding harmonious interpersonal relationships and releases fear.

Rose quartz – vibrates with the energy of softness and love. It is a very positive stone promoting the female principle, peace, harmony and deep-level healing.

Ruby – a bold stone resonating with passion, protection and vitality.

Scolecite – a very high vibration stone with gentle and calming effect. It resonates from the hearth chakra upwards, connecting us to the divine and opening the crown chakra and the stellar gateway. It relieves stress, old traumas and aids lucid sleep.

Selenite – a high vibration gypsum stone and a universal healing tool. It opens the crown chakra, relases negativity from the body and other stones and promotes and angelic connection.
Seraphinite – enables you to connect to the nature spirits, the Divine Feminine and the angelic realm. It has a gentle, loving and healing vibration.

Shungite – is the only stone know today containing fullerens – carbon molecules aligned in a specific way. It is a potent healing stone, neutralizing negativity and toxicity, repelling all kinds of parasites, purifying water and shielding off electromagnetic radiation.

Smoky quartz – is a very protective and grounding stone with very solid vibration. It helps you prioritize the important in you day-to-day life, assisting you with fulfilling your desires by grounding them in the external reality.

Sodalite – is a 3rd eye chakra stone resonating strongly with reason, intellect and inner wisdom. It promotes the vibration of truth, allows your mind to wander into the realms of idealism and philosophy. It helps develop intuition.

Sugilite (sugulite) – resonates deeply within the crown and heart chakras and brings the energy of violet flame down in the Earth plane. It helps release old pattern and heal emotional wounds while enabling us to connect to the divine.

Tektite – is a natural glass created in meteoritic impacts. Within this stone, the properties of the Earth and the universe are combined. It open up lower chakras, flooding them with vitality and grounding them.

Tiger’s eye – is a stone of empowerment, strong will, groundedness and creativity. It helps us with manifestation, goal-setting and improving our self-confidence.

Tourmaline – comes in a range of colors. Black tourmaline is very protective and grounding stone. It dispels negativity, unwanted thoughts and external pollution. It shields off electromagnetic radiation.

Zoisite – boosts our vitality and trust in the universe’s working. It is a natural detoxifiee and helps us live from the heart and maintain our unique perspective.

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