About crystals and minerals

Physical and chemical properties Scientifically speaking, crystals and minerals differ in their properties in terms of electric and heat conductivity, formation of their crystal grid (or matrix in general), chemical constitution and optical properties. Our modern day science recognizes the importance of the crystalline matrix when it comes to for example manufacturing communication and other […]

Why should I use orgonite?

The omnipresent vital energy can either flow unrestrictedly, bringing about all conceivable benefits and overall prosperity; or it can be blocked, flow insufficiently or stop flowing altogether, closing the universal tap of well-being. In the latter scenario, various diseases, environmental pollutions and toxicities, disharmonies and all kinds of general restraints might manifest. While having an […]

What is orgonite energy?

An orgonite is, simply put, an energy-transforming matrix cast in different geometrical shapes. The shapes, which can be everything from pyramids to towers and orbs in varying sizes help transform negative energy into positive. If there is negative energy in the proximity of an orgonite device, the organic component (polyester resin) of the device attracts […]