Orgonite history

Orgone, the universal life force energy making up all in existence, has been named in many different ways in diverse cultures, traditions and philosophies. It is in fact a synonym for prana, chi, ki, elán vital and for example reiki. And while the scientific community still tends to struggle with the idea of omnipresent unifying force permeating everything around and inside of us, a few notable pioneers have managed to cast some scientific light upon this subject and popularize this field of research.

Wilhelm Reich – Initial Experiments with Orgone Energy

Young Wilhelm Reich

The term orgone was coined in 1940 by an Austria n scientist by the name Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957). He was a psychoanalyst who stated that mental and physical health are based upon the flow of biological energy through the body.

Reich’s ORAC

His early research led to construction of orgone acumulators (also called ORAC) consisting of alternating layers of metal (steel wool) and organic mass (cotton or plywood); the organic component was designed to collect the orgone, which was further directed to the receiver by the metallic layer. Orgone accumulator was supposed to have a rejuvanating effect on a user’s health on both physical and mental level. This was initially tested on mice with cancer, resulting in longer life spans of the mice kept in ORAC compared to a control group. After the success with his experiments on mice, Reich continuously treated human cancer patients with the ORAC methodology.


Later, Reich invented his first cloudbuster, a device that was according to him supposed to attract and collect deadly orgone (DOR) from the atmosphere and therefore help control the weather in the area close to it. It consisted of a set of vertically focused hollow metal tubes designed to either trigger rain or diffuse the clouds.

Due to unauthorised trade with ORACs, Reich was imprisoned by the FDA, most of his research was destroyed and he died in prison 1957.

Orgonite – a New Energy Transmitting Device

After Reich’s death, orgone energy research has been conducted by multiple people, which has led to both perfection of Reich’s original construction plans, and invention of a brand new positive energy transmitting device – and orgonite.

Franz Bardon

First mentions of a device similar to an orgonite as we know it today date back to 1956 when Franz Bardon (1909-1958), an experimenter within healing and the occult, described a device used for storing etheric energy in his book Inititiation into Hermetics – A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice. His device consisted of resin, coal and 7 planetry metals (lead, tin, iron, gold, copper, brass and silver), notably resembling nowadays orgonites. However, it was never practically constructed.

In 1991, a device transforming deadly orgone (DOR) into positive orgone energy (POR) was constructed for the first time by Karl Hans Welz. By casting metal particles in resin, Welz improved on Reich’s original ORAC formula by actually turning DOR into POR (the original ORACs accumulated both DOR and POR). This orgone generator was named orgonite for the first time.

In the beginning of the 21st century, Don and Carol Croft perfected the orgonite formula even further by adding a clear quartz crystal in the metal shaving and resin matrix, preventing the orgonite to turn into a DOR accumulator over time. Clear quartz in known for its piezoelectric qualities, aiding further amplification of the POR transmitting process and maintaining balance between DOR gather and POR transmitted. The Croft couple also pioneered the orgonite gifting movement (spreading orgonite devices around in the nature, especially close to EMR towers and in polluted areas), which became very popular worldwide.

Nowadays, various orgonite fans and fanatics continuously work on perfecting the orgonite formula even further, adding diverse components to the original matrix, experimenting with metal coils, various gemstones and crystals, etc., and sharing their insights online.

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