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New Age Metaphysical Products include Crystal Chakra stone, Crystal Gemstone Points, Chakra Jewelry, Orgone Pyramid, Orgonite Pendulums, and many more. Let’s Know the benefit of the products…..

The combination of these Crystal Chakra stones will work together to help cleanse, align and balance your energy centers. Wear this beautiful Stone when working, to keep negativity at bay, remain centered, and enhance healing. Chakra Stone helps you to increase determination motivation and attention.

Chakra Jewelry helps to create situations in our lives that will lead us in directions that allow positive growth and healing. Orgone pyramid will clear your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness. With this pyramid, one attains the power to think quickly on their feet and solve problems swiftly. Orgonite Pendulum is often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. An interesting use of our pendulum is to find lost objects. This pendulum will react to very small nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated by your unconscious mind.

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New Age Metaphysical Small Pyramid

Small Red Jasper Metaphysical Gemstone Pyramid

$4.90 $3.90