This Orgone Chakra set is groups of healing crystals that are sold together so that you can easily have a stone to use for healing each of the chakras. Some set has seven stones but many contain nine stones or more.It is a common reaction and is a sign that the universal mind is prompting you to heal the bodily area that the orgone chakra stone governs.

There are also other transpersonal chakras, but it is rare for the set to contain stones for these chakras. This combination is the most advantageous, as it grounds you to the earth and connects you to the spirit, and to your higher heart. The Specific colors and sounds or vibrations are connected with each

Using this chakra set in your own home may be of benefit for those of you who prefer to take responsibility for your own health and personal growth. It’s easy to use the combinations of stones that have been chosen for this task. You may find that you can assist yourself in healing your own body.

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