To put it simply, Orgone Energy Coaster is an energy filter. Charged energies are attracted to the metal in the device and filters through the Crystals which re-structure the energy into a more compatible form for humans to be around.

The Orgone Energy Coaster is used to energize clean water – such as distilled water or clean water from a reverse osmosis system and naturally, you can also use to charge yourself and others with beneficial orgone energy. So you can make beneficial Orgone Energy charged water and food for you, for your family, and for your friends. By placing your food on your Orgone Energy Coaster – Charging Plate for at least 3 hours, it helps increase the vibrations of your food.

You can also as well help the healthy growth of flowers, vegetables, and any other plants, you can charge pets and all other animals with beneficial and healthy orgone. One very important feature of the Energy Coaster is its size and shape, and this slightly larger size allows you the charge food, drinks, supplements, water, etc, with orgone energy wherever you are.

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