You will love this Orgone Energy Dome aids in the transmutation of negative energies into a more positive form for the body to naturally process. The main base of this Orgone device consists of Iron Oxide Powdered Metal, Crushed Quartz Silica, and Casting Resin- Also added to the base mix is some: special 15 crystal blend, Fine Steel, Crushed Seashells, & Copper Strands for a little- added punch!

The crystals and working area are cleared with Sage and the Orgone is given the intentions of “Harmony & Air Purification” while being cured in the bright Florida sunshine. Many experience effects that can reduce the symptoms of certain issues but these vary person to person. Orgone Energy Dome is a handmade product & may show some small imperfections from curing such as bubbles or texture variations, but this in no way affects the quality or function of the orgone devices themselves.

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