These are unique Orgone Healing Tower and Points that would be great to use in healing sessions and in Grid sets. This Orgone Point is a grounding and protective crystal. Orgonite mitigates harmful effects of radiation, inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods; frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares; helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

This Orgone Tower gives inner strength to move on and is also very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households. This calming stone will keep one steady when faced with practical decision-making or when doling out tough love. It gives a calming peace that helps those during a period of bereavement.

Physically, Black Orgone Point alleviates problems of the bones and joints, mobility issues, and pain in the shoulder or neck. It keeps the body in balance, especially as one age. Orgonite works continuously turning negative energy into positive energy. It purifies the atmosphere and detoxifies water, helping plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.

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