For several thousand years, the art of Orgone Reiki set has always been seen as a natural part of medicine, a tradition that continued in the West until the Renaissance. Things are different today. Following the developments in modern science and associated fields of study, it is clear that all bodies (living beings and inanimate objects) exchange forms of energy with their surroundings. Light, heat, and other kinds of radiated electromagnetic energy are absorbed, transformed and released again in this way.

Even if the energy levels of Reiki Set are of relatively low intensity, they still have a discernibly great impact because their magnetic resonance is both harmonic and continuous. If an overall effect on the whole body is desired, it often makes more sense to spend time in a circle of the set for longer periods.

​Reiki Set which is placed in your surroundings also has an effect on the whole body. Such an external influence can be obtained when this set is placed on a work desk or in your home. The advantage is that only a part of your life is affected by a specific reiki set.

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