Wearing an orgonite necklace is a great way to constantly feel the positive effects of orgonite. Since it is constantly in contact with your body, your energy is constantly being cleansed and brought back to its original, balanced state.

They can be a great tool for meditation and enhance your spiritual growth. Orgone necklaces can also provide a lot of relief. You can imbue your orgonite necklace with intention by meditating with it and focusing on what you would like it to do for you.

Orgonite necklaces do not need to be cleansed or charged like crystals do, however, if you wear it a lot, you can give it a boost by holding it under running water (wearing it in the shower works!), by cleansing it with sage or similar incense, or placing it in contact with the earth under moonlight. It’s a good idea to start each day with a couple of minutes of imbuing your necklace with your intentions for the day.

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