Orgonite Tower Busters Single Pieces are 4.1 ounces and have 1 to 3 Clear Quartz crystal pieces, 3 small pieces of Citrine Quartz, 1- small polished Black Tourmaline bead and Aluminum pieces embedded in fiberglass epoxy resin. Orgonite Tower Busters are small orgonite devices that convert local Negative Orgone into Positive Orgone. Place a grid of them around your home to create an orgone-rich environment.

This can be used to improve the energy practically everywhere. We have used them to surround homes, some have used them to detox soil. Farmers and ranchers use them to increase crop yield and animal health, gifters have used them to improve the energetics of thousands of locations and have tossed them to detox polluted rivers to name just a few applications.

This can be used to mitigate geopathic stress ie~ lay lines that cross or intersect on your property. Orgonite tower busters at 12 per acre can increase crop yields with less water and toxic chemicals. Place a Tower Buster in your water trough /tank to detoxify the water. Orgonite has a calming effect on livestock and horses.

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