Why should I use orgonite?

The omnipresent vital energy can either flow unrestrictedly, bringing about all conceivable benefits and overall prosperity; or it can be blocked, flow insufficiently or stop flowing altogether, closing the universal tap of well-being. In the latter scenario, various diseases, environmental pollutions and toxicities, disharmonies and all kinds of general restraints might manifest. While having an understanding of the worst case scenario in mind, why not fearlessly move in the direction of the best case scenario comprising of vitality, joy, happiness, love and overall well-being? Why not optimize the flow of vital force within your system, your auric field, your environment, on Earth and beyond, transcend your current state of consciousness, keep moving ever higher and share the discovered light with all in existence?

Health benefits

When a human being is subjected to trauma of any sort – physical, emotional or mental, the energy system contracts and the fight-or-flight mechanism is established for that particular stimulus or situation. But the real problem arises when a future event or thought triggers a similar constricting response, causing the person to develop a negative subconscious belief pattern. Due to this permanent decrease of energy flow in that particular area, a person is likely to develop an illness. If this condition remains unattended over a long period of time, a complete stop in the flow of the vital orgone energy can cause death of the physical body. In other words, the overall quality of the otherwise positive, high-vibrational energy (POR) drops down to a minimum level, resulting in the deadly, low-vibrational deadly orgone energy (DOR).

Good news is that orgonites transform DOR into POR, helping you with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional issues, helping you to raise your overall frequency and move from a place of illness into a place of health.

Orgonites aid the cell reparation process, rejuvenating the whole body and mind. They help opening up the energy channels, balancing and harmonizing all chakras and nadis.

A shield against EMF radiation – stay tuned yet protected

 Every electrically charged object gives off an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) forming into a field (EMF) around this object. These fields exist both naturally (for example in the atmosphere protecting the life on Earth from harmful solar radiation) and as a creation of man. Going hand in hand with the current rapid technological progress, the latter category becomes a problematic in great many ways…

EMF is known to be very detrimental to well-being of all advanced life and can cause or contribute to severe health problems such as cancer, DNA damage, sleep and heart problems and so on. At the same time, our society is saturated with sources of EMR such as cell phone/TV towers, mobile phones, PCs or microwaves. Avoiding them is not only nearly impossible, but also extremely unpractical.

Luckily, orgonites are a great and handy solution when it comes to combining well-being and staying in the centre of information and possibilities nowadays technology yields. Orgonites are able to produce enough positive energy to counter the harmful effects of EMR, helping you stay tuned yet protected. The EMF do not magically disappear (in that scenario, we wouldn’t be able to use electronic devices in the presence of orgonites in the first place), but they create a positive bubble to take shelter in.

Rapid plant growth

As many successful experiments indicate, placing one or more orgonites close to plants or directly in the soil speeds up the plant growth. Also, seeds germinated in the proximity of an orgonite device shoot their sprouts much faster than the control sample. Further experiments even suggest that a plant’s water requirements decrease upon continuous exposure to orgonites.

Water purification and food preservation

Orgonites help realign the water molecules, charging water with POR, decreasing its potential toxicity and making it fresh. The orgonized water has a slightly different taste and this effect can be reproduced.

Keeping and orgonite close to groceries or directly in the fridge can help prolong the period over which the food stays fresh. Fruit and vegetables are less like to rot, get moldy or be parasited upon in other ways.

Increased mental/emotional/spiritual freedom

An orgonite can be a little helper on your path to your true essence, serving as a platform to reach ever higher.

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